Saturn In Seventh House

Saturn In Seventh House

1)Before Knowing Effect of Saturn in 7th house first we have to know about Saturn and 7th house. So you may read this

Lord Of Misfortune Shani—

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2)7th house is belongs to marriage and life partner when Saturn occupy 7th house then native’s wife may be from lower class and doesn’t has fair Colour. Wife may be older than native or looking older from native. If Saturn is well placed then evil effect may reduced. A well placed Saturn is indicating a steady and stable marriage. Native may be in control of his Life Partner.


3)If Saturn is afflicted then it’s create problem in marriage life. If Sun is afflicted Saturn then there may be instability in marriage life. If Mars is afflicted Saturn then native may be suffering from legal problem in marriage life by his wife/husband or there may be quarrel/fighting between both. If Saturn is afflicted by Jupiter then marriage will be stable but may be mental stress between both. If Saturn is afflicted by Moon then there may be secret relationship of native/partner through which native marriage may be suffering. If Saturn is afflicted by mercury then life partner may suffering from unnecessary fears or depression. If Saturn is afflicted by Rahu then there may be nature or behavior problem between both native. Overall Saturn is not bad in 7th house because Saturn gets digbala in 7th house. Native’s wife may has old thoughts or believe in traditional beliefs.

4)If Saturn is afflicted in 7th House, it may also cause for late marriage. If Saturn is involving with Mars/Moon may cause for illegal relation with lower caste women. It may also caused for more than one marriage or separation or divorce or in relation with widow women depending on horoscope.

5)7th house is Marak house and when Saturn placed in 7th house then native and wife may have ill health. If Saturn is heavily afflicted then it may cause for death of wife/husband. If may also cause for Native’s death. As Saturn in 7th aspects both 9th house(father) and 4th house (Mother) it may also cause health problem for both parents depending on effect on those house. 7th house Saturn may cause for abdomen problem or ears problem.

6)7th house Saturn get impact on 9th house (long distance travel house), 1st house (native birthplace) and 4th house (home) and 7th House (away from birthplace or wandering from birthplace) so this is indicating, Native may travel a lots or native may go to foreign land or settled abroad or native may house in foreign land or native has in such profession where a lot of wandering from his hometown.

7)7th house is bhavat bhavam for 10th house so Saturn in 10th house is indicating, Native may be industrialist (if saturn is Strong) otherwise it’s indicating struggle is work place and late success in work or may be in service of other.

8)7th house is belongs to Politics and saturn in 7th house is indicating, Native may success in Politics and if Saturn is Strong then may be get name and fame in Politics or may be good politicians.

9)7th house also belongs to fame, if Saturn is strongly placed then it may give fame to native or weak or ill placed Saturn cause for disfame.

10)Saturn in 7th house is indicating, Native may get help from lower category people in there profession.

11)7th house is bhavat bhavam for 4th house so Saturn in 4th house is indicating, Native may has problem in getting happiness(Sukh) due to natural malefic effect of Saturn and also Saturn 10th aspect on 4th house. But if Saturn is well placed then its evil effect may reduced.

12)Saturn in 7th house aspects on 1st house so its impact on native physique so native maybe unfair colour or ugly looking or present himself in ugly way. It may be possibility native may be lazy from nature.

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