Saturan In Ninth House

   Saturan In Ninth House


1)Before Knowing effect of Saturan in 9th house first we have to know about Saturan and 9th house. So you may read this

Ninth House–Your Fortune Place—

Lord Of Misfortune—Shani—

2)Saturan is lord of Misfortune and it is situated in the house of fortune which indicating native may be devoid of good fortune. So native may be suffering from so many traboule. If Saturan is well placed then evil effect may reduced and things may be become positive. Since Saturan is consider for delay so native may got fortunate after a lot Of struggle or late.

3)9th house consider for Father house. Saturan is natural Melific and it is natural enemy for Father karak planet Sun so it may be consider bad regarding health or nature for Father.There may be dispute between native and father. Native or his father live separate from each other.If in this situated Saturan with sun then matter may be more serious or native and Father may have strong conflicts. But if Saturan is well placed then evil effect may reduced and things may be positive.

4)9th house is house for religions when Saturan occupy 9th house then native may be irreligious and don’t following religious rituals and don’t doing donation. Native don’t faith on God. But if Saturan is well placed then native may be strictly following traditional rituals and very religious. Native may be highly spiritual. As 9th house is Bhavat Bhavam for 5th house regarding Vidya so native may be well learned in ved-Vedanga or other traditional Shastra(holly books).

5)Saturan in 9th house aspects on 11th house and 3rd House(Both are Kaam trikona) and Saturan is a Tamsic planet so native may be sexual but Saturan in 9th house may cause for traboule in marrige Life because it also aspects on 6th house. In rarer concept it may cause on denial of Marrige because Saturan is also a planet which cause for spiritual healing so 9th Saturan may cause for spiritual wake up and disattchment with Kaam Karam(As aspects on 3rd House and 11th house) and aspects in 6th house(12th from 7th house of Marrige) and 9th house it self 3rd from 7th house.

6)9th house is Bhavat Bhavam for 5th house regarding Intelligency,mentality so when Saturan occupy 9th house native may be less intelligent or fool.Saturan is natural Melific with downwards stream so native may have low grade bad mentality. If Saturan is well placed then evil effect may reduced.

7)9th house also Bhavat Bhavam for 5th house regarding children so native don’t got happiness through children.Children may suffering from problem and don’t got fame.

8) 9th house Saturan from the house of fortune aspects on 11th house(Profit house), 3rd House(Own effort house and Karam house) and 6th house(Karam house and service house) or in simple Three Upchaya house means native may be deposited a lots of Money in bank or earnings well. But a Saturan is badly paced then results may be opposite and native may be suffering loss through his enemy or suffering from debits and if well placed then earn a lots through the help of servants and own industry.

9)Depanding on horoscop Saturan in 9th may cause for short life span because When Saturan occupy 9th house its afflicted native fortune and it is aspects afflicted two Dussthan(3rd and 6th house) and 11th house( it is house of hope for recovery from any type of illness).

10)Saturan in 9th house inclined native to live lonely life.

11)Saturan in 9th house also don’t consider good siblings because it effect both 11th house and 3rd house for Siblings.

12)Saturan in 9th native may be untruthful and fraudy nature.

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