Mars In 9th House


1)Before Knowing effect of Mars In 9th House first we have to know about Mars and 9th House so you may read this

Ninth House–Your Fortune Place–

Commander in Chief Of Planet–Mars—

2)In Genral way Mars In 9th House consider auspicious because Mars is Lagan lord of Kalpurush and it is situated in 9th House(house for Fortune) which indicating native may be fortunated, Famous,rich and religious.

3)9th House is strongest Dharm trikona and Mars is our action so native may involving or inclination regarding doing religious activity or rituals or spiritual activity.Mars is also lord of 8th house of Scorpion for spiritual inner healing so Native may be involving to got knowledge regarding his inner soul through religious activity.

4)Native may be religious guru or religious/spiritual speaker who is famous among Mass/people. Actualy Mars is our action who is sitting in Dharm trikona and aspects 12th house(House for Adyatmic or religious or spiritual activity) and aspects 3rd House (which indicating native is logical or Agrasive communicator) and aspects 4th house(House for Mass) so overall indicating Native may be famous among people for his religious or spiritual speeches.

5)9th house also belongs to Father and Mars belongs to Fighting which indicating fighting with Father. But don’t confusing Physical fighting my mean there may be quarrel/argument/thought differences/separation/living away from each other between native and Father,If Mars is heavily afflicted 9th house then it may cause for premature (before native is mature) death of Father.

6)9th house belongs to long travel when Mars occupy 9th house its aspects on 12th house of Forigen place and 4th house of Home so native may go for Forigen travel.

7)9th House Mars indicating Native may be blessing through King so in modern day native may be officer who is favorite of authorities.

8)Mars is karak of property(real estate) when Mars placed in 9th House of Fortune which indicating Native may be fortunate regarding property so native earns a lot of property. It may also indicating Native may got parental property.

9)Mars is lord of 1st house(which is 9th from 5th house means fortune house for 5th house of Children) and 8th house(which is 4th from 5th house means Happiness house for Children ) in Kalpurush chart and 9th House is Bhavat Bhavam for 5th house being 5th from 5th house when Mars occupy 9th House it is indicating Native may got good, educated, obeying and long lived children. It may also indicating Native may got fortune,fame and success through children.

10)Mars is natural cruel planet which belongs to aggressive temper, fighting,violence,bravery . And 9th House is Bhavat Bhavam for 5th house of emotions and mentality when Mars occupy 9th House its has impact on both mentality or Mind(4th house through his 8th aspects) so native may be cruel, volatile, Agrasive ,fighting,quarrelsome nature which makes native odious.Native may be torture other.Native may be killer of living beings.

11)Mars in 9th House makes native hardworking, searchers and who get success through on efforts.

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