Ketu In Seventh House

 Ketu In Seventh House


1)Before Knowing Effect Of Ketu In 7th House first we have to know about Ketu and 7th House. So you may read this

Ketu—Destroyer Of Matteralilistic World—-

Seventh House—Dara Bhav—

2)7th house belongs to life partner of Native when Ketu occupy 7th house native’s wife may has bad conducts or having violentic or hot temper in nature. Native’s wife may has ill health and may be suffering from disease. It may be also may be indication of disease like cancer and afflicted area may be around body parts belonging to abdomen. If ketu is aspected by benefic planet then evil effect may reduced or if ketu is well placed then evil effect may get reduced.

3)7th house also belongs to marak house so ketu in 7th house may be behave like marak. Native may be suffering from accidents type incidents or skin problem or Cancer type incurable disease. It may be also cause for disease related to bowels.

4)7th house is kaam kona when Ketu occupy 7th house native may be sexual and attracting towards widow or fallen women or women having bad conduct. Native may be lose his potency due to his bad habits or bad Karam.

5)Ketu in 7th house may cause for unhappiness in marriage life. Ketu belongs to disattachment so it may cause for separation with wife. If Ketu is badly afflicted then it may cause for divorce or death of wife depending on horoscope.

6)Ketu in 7th house may cause for disfame or native may suffering from humiliation. Native has relation with bad guys.

7)Overall Ketu in 7th House doesn’t consider good. If Ketu is aspects by good planet then results may change or evil effect may reduced.

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