Jupiter In Eight House

  Jupiter In Eight House

1)Before Knowing Effect of Jupiter In 8th house first we have to know about Jupiter and 8th house. So you may read this

Lord Of Sky-Jupiter—-

Eight House–Mrityu Bhav—-

2)8th house belongs to Ayu(Life span) when Jupiter placed in 8th house native may be long lived.

3)Jupiter is karak of Vidya and 8th house belongs to secret and hidden matter so Jupiter In 8th house indicating native may got secret Vidya or hidden Vidya such as astrology, Occult science or such type hidden knowledge. It may also have indication of research type study or knowledge.

4)When Jupiter occupy 8th house it is got impact on all Moksh trikona so native may inclined to Spiritual matter or knowledge. It may also indicating native may go for religious travel. If Dharm trikona get connection with Jupiter then native may be very religious inclination.

5)A well placed Jupiter In 8th house indicating native will enjoying all sorts of happiness of Life because Jupiter In 8thhouse and aspects on 12th house indicating native may enjoying bed pleasure and 2nd house aspects indicating native expense his wealth on religious activities(8th and 12th house effect) and physical happiness(4th house aspects and 12th house aspects ). Means Native earn well but expense it on religious activity and happiness matters.

6)Jupiter In 8th Native may be kind hearted and serves to own guys.

7)Jupiter In 8th house also may indicating native may be involving in bad deeds but always try to show his goodness to other.

8)Jupiter In 8th Native may be wise but it is possibility to use his wisdom in wrong direction.

9)Jupiter In 8th may cause for relation with widow women.Jupiter In 8th also may cause for problem in speech (due to aspects from 8th house to 12th house). But if Jupiter is strongly placed native may have Vak Sidhhi(Speech Sidhhi).

10)But Jupiter In 8th house also indicating native may got peaceful death after enjoying his full life span.

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