Venus In Third House

  Venus In  3rd House


1)Before Knowing Effect of Venus in 3rd House we have to Know about venus and Third house. So you may read this
Lord of kaliyug wealth Venus
Third house —–

2)Third House represent of strength,Younger siblings,Communication,short travel etc. Venus belongs to beauty,Women,arts,bed pleasure etc.

3)Strength—3rd House belongs to Physical and Brain strength and venus is a feminine planet. So don’t have good physical strength or don’t like to show physical strength. Means native don’t like hard physical work or working hard. But they have good mental strength and use this strength is very beautyful ways. Native have good natural arts to use menatal or brain capacity.

4)Younger siblings—As venus is natural benific so placement of Venus in 3rd House is good for younger siblings. Younger siblings may be sister as venus is feminine in sex. Younger siblings may be beautiful and charming specially who born after Native.Siblings may be rich or luxurious by nature.

5)Communication—–Third house is house of communication and venus belongs to Arts. So third house venus indicating native express his thoughts through arts. So native may be good in painting,singing,dancing, or any art format. Native may loves music,arts,dancing, etc. If other factor may support in chart then native may be singer,poet,Photographer,statue maker.

6)Travel—3rd House indicating short travel so native may travel short distance.One indicating may be native may settled away from Mother land.

7)Third house is 1st Karam trikona and its indicating native sexual nature so venus in 3rd indicating native may be inclined towards sexual activities.

8)Venus belongs to women and 3rd is Karam trikona so native may be work women related profession. Or Native may be conquered by women or ruled by women.

9)Placement of venus in 3rd House may give issue related to health speaicly venus related Matter.

10)Venus belongs to Luxuriousity and its placement in 3rd indicating native may be Miserly.Native may be disgusting type. Native financial condition may be average.

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