Sun In Sixth House

         Sun In Sixth House


1)Before Knowing effect of Sun In 6th house first we have to know about Sun and 6th House. So you may read this

Sun The Boss of all planet—-

Sixth House—Shatru Bhav–

2)6th House belongs to enemy and Sun is king when Sun placed in 6th House native have power to crushing his enemy. Native have quality to overcoming his enemies.So native may be powerful. Native may have less enemy. If Sun is fully strong then native may got success in his every attempt. In modern time it is indicating native may be success in competition in any field. If Sun is afflicted here it may indicating native may face problem from authorities(because sun belongs to authorities) in simple sense Authorities may be in role of enemy.

3)6th House belongs to disease. Sun belongs to digestive fire if Sun is well placed Native have powerful digestive fire means native digesting any think fast. This is key of Good health so native may be enjoying sound health means Disease free life.If Sun is afflicted then it may be cause of long run disease.Native may be facing abdomen problem speaicly which belongs to digestive fire. Sun is karak of heart so native may be facing problem of heart disease.

4)6th house belongs to fears when Sun occupy 6th House then as a king quality native don’t have fears from any body means native may be courageous.

5)6th House belongs to maternal family when Sun occupy 6th House native may be got support from maternal family.

6)6th House is a service house and Sun belongs to Government or other big authority such as M.N.C. etc. So native may be service under Government in administrative posts.

7)Sun is karak of Fame when Sun occupy 6th House then its indicating native may be victory over enemy or winning in compilation so native may got name & fame or reputation.If Sun is fully strong then his fame may be just like king. It is also indicating native may got fame or post or honour from Government or authorities.

8)6th House is Arth trikona When Sun occupy 6th House native may be earn good wealth. Native may be receive wealth from Government or native may got loan from Government.

9) Sun in 6th also indicating native wife may be suffering from illness. Native may be expense so much his money in the health of his wife.

10)According to old classical book when Sun occupy 6th House native may be king. So in modern day its may be indication of a successful politicians, or native may be chief of any thing depanding on chart.

11)Sun in 6th house also indicating native may be go for Forigen travel for short time.

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