Sun In Fourth House

 Sun In Fourth House

1)Before Knowing Effect of Sun in Fourth House we have to Know about Sun and 4th house so you May read this

Fourth House Heart Place of Your Horoscop—-

Sun The Boss Of All Planet—

2)Fourth House belongs to North direction So Sun fully lose its directional strength in 4th house. So 4th house Sun don’t able to produce very good results.

3)4th house belongs to Heart and Sun is natural karak of Heart So according to Karako –Bhavo–Nasaya rule its may indicating problem regarding Heart. So person may suffering from Heart disease. This Problem is big or small depanding upon 4th house and Sun conditions.

4)Sun is natural Melific and Firey planet and 4th house is belongs to Mind and Moon(watery planet) so native may be suffering from stress in Mind. Further how much stress is native suffering is depand on Conditions of sun. As Sun is here without digbal so native may be easly comes in influence by other. Sun is karak of Self confidence and Sun in 4th house have no digbal so native May have less selfconfidence.

5)4th house is also house for Happiness and Sun is natural Melific so its indicating bereft of happiness. Means native may be sad or unhappy.If Sun is strong then native have all things to pleasure of Life but native feels difficulties or trouble to enjoying this.

6)4th house belongs to Mother as Sun is natural Melific then it is not good for Mother.As Sun is boss of all planet so your mother may be Boss type means mother have authority(in which matter depand on your chart).

7)Sun belongs to Government(and 10th house) as it is away 7th house away from 10th house so it belongs to Vadha for 10th house but as Sun aspects 10th house so it is giving Government Jobs but native May suffering from difficulties to getting this. Same conditions apply regarding success in Politics. If Sun Is strong and well placed then difficulties become lesser and Vice-versa. Same rule apply regarding profit through government and Fame. According to classic 4th house Sun native May be prove as a bad King. So if according to latest time frame native May be in government jobs but don’t work good regarding People or mass.

8)Wealth and Property—-This belongs to conditions of Sun. If Sun Is strong and well placed then native May have huge amount of property and wealth. Most change of getting paternal property. Also may be get property from Government or authority. But native don’t get financial profit from this property.
If Sun is weak then native may lost his paternal property. Also his property may be taken by government or authority so simply lost his property through government authority.

9)Sun in 4th house makes native to Philosopher. Native may get inclinations regarding Occult science.

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