Sun In Fifth House

   Sun In Fifth House


1)Before Knowing Effect of Sun In 5th house first we have to know about Sun and 5th house. So you may read this

Sun-the boss of all planet—-

Fifth House-House for upcoming generation—-

2)5th house house for children and Sun in 5th house indicating problem in child birth.If Sun is not well placed in 5th house then it may be cause for no child. If Sun is well placed then evil effect may reduce. One indication may be native child achieved high position(speaicly 1st child).

3)5th house belongs to temperament of native. Sun is a Firey plant that’s why when Sun occupy 5th house native may be hot Tempar,Firey in nature, and aggressive. Sun also belongs to steady(fixed) mentality so native also shows this attitudes.But native also be fickle minded .Sun is karak of ego so Native may show egotism.Sun is King so Sun In 5th house native have authority type or King type mentality. Native try to show his kingship attitudes. Native may be ambitious.Sun belongs to modern attitudes so Native may show modern attitudes.

4)5th house also belongs to intelligency when Sun In 5th house native may be intelligence or scholar.Native may be well learned.5th house also belongs to Mantra so when Sun occupy 5th house native may be Mantric or recitraitor of mantra.

5)5th house belongs to abdomen so when Sun In 5th house Native may be suffering from abdomen disease such as levers problem or digestive problem.

6)5th house also belongs to betting so when Sun In 5th house native may earn through betting speaicly from stock market. Because Sun In 5th house gives native to speculative power.

7)Sun in 5th house also effect ur profit due to aspects of 11th house. If sun is well placed then native may be rich and wealthy if not wellplaced then results may be opposite.

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