Saturan In Fourth House

Saturan In  Fourth House


1)Before knowing effect of Saturan in 4th house we have to know about Saturan and 4th house so you may read this

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2)Saturan is a most natural Melific and mostly give results according to position . A well placed Saturan gives amazing results regarding 4th house and worse placed saturan turn lifes like hell. So we have to Jujde carefully regarding Saturan in 4th house because 4th house is our house for Happiness. Well I write down very Genral effect of Saturan in 4th house which is change according to P.A.C.(Position,Aspects and conjunction).

3)4th house is house for mother and Saturan is planet who rules divide Nithi so Saturan in 4th indicating friction between native and mother.Which may leads for disattchment with mother.Saturan in 4th house also not consider good regarding Mother due his natural Melific nature.If Fourth house is badly afflicted by saturan then native may be suffering from lose of Mother.

4)4th house belongs to Mind and Saturan in 4th house may impact mind. So native may be lazy. If saturan is not good placed then it also may give mental stress. Native may suffering from fluids of Thoughts(saturan is Airy planet and 4th house also belongs to thinking Mind). If Saturan is evil placed then this thoughts may be negatives and if Good placed then we hopes for positives thoughts.

5)4th house is for Happiness and Saturan is Melific planet then native may suffering regarding happiness of life. There may be friction from relatives ,family.Native don’t get profit from them. Native may suffering regarding vehicle and house or may be in trouble from all of thems. If Saturan in good placed then results may be opposite native get all his conveyances.

6)Fourth house Saturan indicating native may sick in childhood or suffering from sickness in boyhood.

7)4th house belongs to heart and karak is Sun and Saturan is enemy for Sun so native may suffering from heart problem.
4th house also belongs to lungs so when Saturan occupy 4th house native may suffering from lungs problem speaicly Kapha and Vata problem.

8)As 4th house is 8th from 9th house(Father) which indicating property which native gets in form of successor. Saturan is enemy of Sun(father) so in Genral meaning native don’t get parental property or don’t get profit from parental property or destroy of parental property. But whole results depanding on conditions of Saturan.

9)4th house belongs to mass or people so when Saturan in 4th house native have natural quality to rule over people. This indicating native may get success in politics.

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