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Saturan In Fifth House

Saturan In Fifth House


1)Before knowing effect of Saturan In 5th house first we have to know about fifth House and Saturan.So you may read this

Lord of Misfortune Shani—-

Fifth House—House for your upcoming Generation—-

2)5th house belongs to Children and when Saturan placed in 5th house it is consider as Putra Dosh. Because saturan is most melific planet among all. So we have to Jujde Saturan carefully. If Saturan is Debilitated or enemy sign or afflicted by any other Melific then native it is indication regarding child Dosh. But is saturan In own sign or excellent or in benific influence then don’t give Putra Dosh. 5th house Saturan also indicating native don’t get happiness from child.There may be problem between native and child.Saturan In 5th house also not good regarding Child, Child may be suffering from sorrow. If saturan is well placed then evil effect may reduced.

3)5th House belongs to mentality of Native. When Saturn occupy 5th House native may be evil mentality.Saturan is a airy planet so native may be agitated mentality. Saturan rules Divide rule so native may be dividing mentality with downward glance. Means native may be very down thinking or mentality. Native may be quarrelsome. If Saturan is wellplaced then evil effect may reduced and native may be practical,Easly or shameless to meet anybody,May be disciplined or kind.

4)5th House belongs to intelligency when Saturn is placed in 5th House it is consider native may be bereft from intelligence or may be fool. If Saturan is wellplaced then evil effect may reduced. Actually Saturan belongs to laziness when Saturn occupy 5th House its effect intelligency of Native because native may take time to response.

5)5th House belongs to learnings or Vidya when Saturn occupy 5th House native may suffering in learning or get trouble in learning.If Saturan is well placed then native may be got any traditional Vidya such as astrology.

6)5th House also belongs to abdomen when Saturn occupy 5th House it may be give abdomen problem speaicly Vata Dosh.

7)5th House Saturan also indicating native may be in trouble regarding earnings(due to aspects in 11th house and 2nd house) as due to its natural Melific quality.
5th House Saturan also indicating trouble in family happiness(aspects on 7th,11th and 2nd house).
Native may be not good relation with friends and relatives.
All the results may be Opposite if Saturan is well placed.

8)5th House is 9th from 9th house so it is Bhavat Bhavam for 9th house . 9th house belongs to fortunes when Saturan placed in 5th House native Fortunes make always changabe don’t get steady(fixed) fortune.

9)5th House belongs to Your faith when saturan occupy 5th House native may be follower of old tradition.

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