Rahu In Third House

    Rahu In Third House


1)Before knowing effect of Rahu in 3rd house We have to know about Rahu and 3rd house. So you may read this

Accelerating planet of Materialistic world Rahu——-

Third House Power House Of Your Horoscop——

2)Genraly Third House belongs to Strength,Younger Siblings,Communication,Short Travel etc.
Rahu belongs to amplifier,Materialist approach,Tamo gun,Forigen Placed etc.

3)Strength——-Third House is house Of strength and Rahu belongs to amplifiering agent so native have great strength. If Rahu is well placed then native may be brave or courageous like lion. If Rahu is ill placed then even native show his good Courage but he is not so much strong from inner heart. So when Rahu occupy 3rd House then native proud,May be full with ego and so on.Native have more physical and brain strength so he can do any thing beyond limit. That’s why native get success through own effort.

4)Younger Siblings—As Rahu is natural Melific so 3rd House Rahu is not good for siblings. There may be disagreement between native and siblings.If Rahu is ill placed then its create a big problem regarding siblings.As Rahu is feminine planet so native may have sister as younger Siblings.

5)Communication—- Rahu approach is Agrasive and sweet so native may have sweet and aggressive in communication but they are Actualy “Mithi Churi” type. They are Good in acting so even no body Easly catch there Lie.They are Good in manipulated to other regarding own work means simply by hook or by Crook.

6)Travel— Rahu in 3rd indicating native will travel a lot or may be go for Forigen land but for short time.

7)As 3rd House is 1st Kaam trikona and Rahu is amplifier of Materialistic matter so native may have strong inclinations towards sexual activities.

8)As 3rd House is 1st Karam trikona and Rahu have power to increase native attraction regarding money so native may be earn very good through own effort. And native may be rich and wealthy. They got a lot of profitable deeds because Rahu in 3rd also increase there Fortunes.

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