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Rahu In Fifth House

   Rahu In Fifth House


1)Before knowing effect of Rahu In 5th house first we have to know about Rahu and 5th house. So you may read this

Accelerating Planet of Materialistic world—-

Fifth House–House for your upcoming generation

2)5th house belongs to Children when Rahu occupy 5th house it create PutraDosh. When Rahu In Aries ,Tarush and Cancer it don’t create Putradosh. Main indication of PutraDosh is trouble in childbirth, If Rahu is afflicted very much then it may be indication of no child or loss of child or health problem of child. If Rahu is influence of good planet then evil effect may reduced and native may have kids.

3)5th house belongs to intelligency when Rahu occupy 5th house native may be full of intelligency. Native may be sharp minded.

4)5th house belongs to Mentality when Rahu occupy 5th house native may be hidden Mentality. So it is not easy to understand him. Native may be very smart.Native may be hard hearted.Rahu also belongs to hypecreater so native mentality also may be such type.

5)5th house also belongs to abdomen when Rahu occupy 5th house it is indicating abdomen disease. Native may have pain in stomach. Some time it is also indicating heart disease. According to saravali Rahu in 5th native may have nasal touch in his speech.Native may be suffering from disease of nasal. 5th house Rahu also indicating Mental stress.

6)5th house belongs to fame so native may be famous(depanding on chart how much native may be famous).

7)5th house also belongs to politics so when Rahu in 5th house native may be got success in politics.

8)5th house belongs to Vidya and Rahu belongs to hidden matter when Rahu occupy 5th house native may get some hidden Vidya. 5th house also belongs to mantra so when Rahu occupy 5th house native may have Mantra sidhhi.

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