Moon In Sixth House

     Moon In Sixth House


1)Before reading Moon In 6th house first we have to know about Moon and 6th house. So you may read this

Sixth House—Shatru house—

Queen Of Planet—Moon

2) In Genral way Moon In 6th house don’t consider good because it may be cause for Balarist yog(Simple meaning is bad(arist) in child age(Balya avastha)). So it is indicating native may be suffering from health issue in child age depanding on which Balarist yog is formed. So depanding on yog it may be cause of short life span.

3)6th house shows native mental strength when Moon occupy 6th house native have good mental strength or capacity. Native may have revenge type nature who don’t forgot Easly which is harm the native. If Moon In 6th house combine with Mars then it may be creating a rajyyog because native mental ability get supported by lord of action.

4)6th house belongs to disease so when Moon is occupy 6th house native may be suffering from abdomen problem speaicly stomach related disease.If Moon is afflicted by ketu then native may suffering from mental problem. If ketu is afflicted badly then native may have nature to harm ownself. If Moon afflicted by Rahu then native may be suffering from skin problem specialy by face. If Moon is afflicted by Sun then native have digestive problem.Badly Rahu affliction may indicating hysteria type mental problem.If Moon is afflicted by saturan then may be suffering from gasteric or Vata problem or mental stress but when Moon is afflicted badly by saturan then it may cause uncureable disease. If Moon is afflicted by saturan and mars then native may suffering from excitement type problem.

5)6th house Moon indicating native may be working in moon related profession such as food related industry or hotel management.

6)Strong Moon in 6th house make native famous and kind and honourable. Weak moon indicating native may be faces humiliation. Native may be serve other.

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