Mercury In Third House

  Mercury In Third House


1)Before Knowing effect of Mercury In Third House we have to know about Mercury and 3rd House. So you may read this

Prince Of Planet Mercury—

Third House Power house of Your Horoscop—-

2)Third House is belongs to younger siblings,Strength,Communication,Short travel.
Mercury belongs to friend,speech,Thinking Mind,skilled,Tricks,etc.

3)Strength—-Mercury In Third House native have good physical and mental strength.So native is goods in game or play or athletic jobs.Native may be hard worker and such a type hard worker who use first physical strength then Mental strength.Native have good strength so they don’t lose strength easily(both physical and brain strength) so when native start a work then go with work until they don’t finish the work. That’s don’t mean they are not intelligent they are very intelligent up to cunning level. So native may be brave and very good in learnings. Mercury is also belongs to mathematical calculations and tricks so native gave good power of mathematical tricks.

4)Younger Siblings—Mercury In Third House is good for siblings. Native may have siblings. Native may help siblings or getting helped by siblings.

5)Communication—Mercury In 3rd house indicating native may have good communication skill. He is very intelligent to use others by own communication skill.Native have good Manners. Due to all this good quality native may be a good diplomat(due to good communication, good intelligence, good cunning power ).

6)MERCURY is karak of thinking mind and house is 4th house as it is 12th from 4th house means 3rd house so this is stage of expenditure of Thinking mind so there is two possibility native may be very intelligent of may be very fickle mind.

7)Mercury In 3rd house indicating native may be success in bussiness or gambling type work.

8)3rd House mercury indicating native may be devoid from ownself happiness.But other people get happy due to native.

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