Jupiter In Third House

   Jupiter In Third House


1)Before Knowing effect of Jupiter In 3rd House we have to know about Jupiter and 3rd House. So You may read this

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2)Genraly Third House belongs to strength,Younger siblings,Communication,Short travel.
Jupiter belongs to wisdom,Fortunes,abdomen,Soft Tempar.

3)Strength—-As third House is Dussthan so Melific doing good so benific here is consider not good. For Jupiter 3rd House is 7th house(Badhak house) from 9th house(Kalpurush 9th house is Mool trikona house for Jupiter) so jupiter is consider Asta in 3rd House. Jupiter is belongs to Mild and soft nature so its give strength according to its natural nature so its seems native have not good strength. So native may be suffering from humiliation. As Jupiter is asth in 3rd House so jupiter lose its natural quality so native may be sinful, vile and wicked.

4)Younger siblings—- Jupiter in 3rd House is consider good for younger siblings.Jupiter is Minister in Royal Darawar so native siblings may got good position and renowned in society specially who born after native.Younger siblings may have good advising power.Native may faith on own co-born because jupiter also belongs to faith.

5)Communication—Jupiter is a planet of knowledge and third house is house of communication so native may be good learnings and knowledge. But native may be express this through written in place of oralway. So native may be a good writer.

6)Jupiter belongs to medium distance and 3rd House belongs to short travel so native may travel short to medium distance. Jupiter belongs to religious place so native go to religious place and expanse on religious work or activity.

7)As jupiter placed in 7th from 9th house and 6th from 10th house again it is Dussthan and jupiter is Asta here so it is not good for father. Native father may suffering from problem. It may creating tension between father and native, may be argumen between native and father.

8)As Jupiter belongs to materialist attitude and Jupiter is Asta so it increase bad effect of materialistic attitude(3rd house is also Karam trikona) so native may be greedy and Thirsty for money and doing any work for this. So native may successful regarding wealth matter.

9)Jupiter is karak of Digestive system as abdomen belongs to jupiter and its placement in 3rd(a Dussthan) and 11th from 5th house is not good for digestive system so native may suffering from digestive problem.

10) Jupiter in 3rd house means expenses house of 4th(Mind) due to 12th from4th house.Jupiter belongs to wisdom and Knowledge so it is indicating expanse of wisdom of mind means native may be philosopher or suffering from tension due to over expense of wisdom.

11)Jupiter is karak of Fortunes and its placement in Dussthan and 7th from fortunes place means native get a lot of opportunities but don’t able to get it.

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  1. So realistic interpretation on Jupiter in 3rd. I hv same placement & I am undergoing all these. Appreciate ur knowledge.

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