Jupiter In Fourth House

Jupiter In Fourth House

1)Before Knowing effect of Jupiter In 4th house first we have to know about Jupiter and Fourth House.

2)Fourth House is for happiness (Sukh Sthan) and Jupiter is most natural beneficial planet so Jupiter in 4th house is consider very good regarding happiness. Native is enjoying very happy and comfortable life. As in Kalpurush chart Jupiter is excellent in 4th house (cancer) so it will give natural power to 4th house.


3)Fourth house is for Mother and when Jupiter is placed in 4th house it is consider very good regarding Mother of native. There is very good relation between mother and native. Jupiter is karak of wisdom and religion so Native’s mother may be wise and religious. She also may be sincere. As when mother is religious then native’s house environment may be religious and peaceful (4th house is also for Home).
4)4th house is house for Mind so native may has good and balance mind. Native may be wise, intelligent and philosopher type nature. Native likes peaceful environment , loves religious work. Jupiter is placed in one of Moksh trikona and from here he aspects all other Moksh trikona it is indicating native may has inclinations regarding spiritual and religious activity.  It is  also indicating physical happiness from life partner because all Moksh trikona belongs to physical happiness also.

5)Jupiter in 4th is indicating native may good relations with friend and relative and he may help them and get help from them. Native may has good wealth or earn good.
6)As Jupiter in 4th aspects both 8th and 12th house which is indicating native may has good life span.
7) Jupiter in 4th aspects 10th house (government) so native may get profit/help from government.
8)As Jupiter in 4th house also aspects 10th house so probability to get social fame.
9) Jupiter is karak for children as it is situated in 4th house means 12th from 5th house (child house) so it is indicating there may be late in child born. But for any evil effect must be examine 5th house and 5th lord carefully. Because 4th house is house for all family happiness which including child also. But one thing sure native has good happiness through his children.
10)4th house belong to education so native may be good education. He may has good knowledge.
11)Native has good Comfort from vehicle and property.


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