Venus In Second House

Venus In Second House

1)Before reading effect of Venus is Second House We must read about venus and Second House.

Dhan Bhav Second House of Horoscop–

Lord Of Kaliyug Wealth Venus—-

2)In Genral way Second House belongs to Family,Speech,Eyes,Face,Wealth and Food..Venus belongs to Beauty.Luxuriousity.Sama Nithi,Vehicle,Pleasure Tempar,Wealth etc.

3)Speech—-Venus belongs to Beauty and pleasure Tempar. When venus In 2nd house native’s speech is beautyful or mindblowing. Due to there mild voice may good in singing or music. Native may have poetry quality. Venus is natural benific and belongs to Sama Nithi so native may belive in Counseling to solve matter in place of quarrel(Here all belongs to speech ). Venus is a watery planet so native may be sensual in speaking but this sensuality in balance way.

4)Face and Eyes—-Venus is natural karak of beauty so venus In Second House indicating native may have beautiful face. So native may have beautiful or handsom lookness and may be natural charm in face. Venus In 2nd house indicating native may look below from own age.
Venus In 2nd house indicating native may have beautiful eyes. There eyes have a natural attraction for opposite gender. A afflicted venus here also indicating eye problem.

5)Wealth—- Venus is natural benific so 2nd house venus indicating native have good wealth.Venus is planet of Luxuriousity so native expanse own wealth in luxurious life style. So native enjoying own wealth.venus is natural karak of vehicle so native may have own vehicle.2nd house venus also indicating native may earn through wife or women.Overall 2nd house venus is consider good regarding Wealth. During venus dasha native may earning or getting good wealth or good success in life regarding Wealth matter.

6)Family and Food–Venus is natural benific so 2nd house venus is consider good regarding Family. Native may have good number of family member.Family may be good in nature and enjoying life. Native may have good and beautiful life partner. Native may enjoying good comfort with lifepartner.
2nd House Venus indicating native may enjoying good food and drinks.

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