Venus In First House

Venus In First House

1)Before knowing effect of Venus In First House we have to know about Venus and First House. So please read this
Lord of Kaliyug wealth Venus——

Tanu Bhav Base Of Your Horoscop—–

2)So Venus in 1st house effect our body physique, health, brain, nature and behavior.
3)Venus represents medium heights so venus in 1st house native may be medium in height.
4)Venus belongs to beauty of body so Venus in 1st house native may have beautiful body. They have beautiful face and beautiful eyes.
5)They looks less age from actualy they have means looks younger from own age. So over all they have good physique.
6)Their body have a magnetic attraction for opposite sex so native naturally get attraction of opposite sex. So native may have attractive personality.

7)Venus is natural benific planet so Venus in 1st house gives native to good health. So generally they are long lived. 8)Venus is water planet so native may suffering from Kapha Dosh. Some time they may also suffering from Vata Dosh (as venus also indicating Vata Dosh).

9) If Venus is affiliated then native may be suffering from psychological problem related to opposite gender(1st house belongs to brain). A afflicted Venus may also indicating loss of body luster or charming. But if venus in 1st house is well placed then it is indicating good health. So only problem start when venus is afflicted.
10)Venus is a watery planet so Venus in 1st house makes native emotinol but they are also practical at same time.
11)Venus is Rajasic planet so they are Rajasic from nature. So Native may have materialistic desires but in good ways.
12)Venus belongs to easy going, good and pleasure in temper so native may have pleasure in nature, enjoying happy life, and social and gentle in behavior. 13)Venus is natural karak of Luxuriousity so native brain may inclinations towards Luxuriousity.
14)Venus is karak of arts so native loves arts, music, acting, song. Venus In 1st also make native to romantic in nature.
15)Venus belongs to Sama(counseling) Nithi so Venus in 1st house give native to counseling brain so native belive in good counseling to resolve matter.

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