Sun In Second House

Sun In Second House

1)Before Knowing Effect Of Sun in 2nd house we have to know about Sun and Second House. So you may read this

Sun The boss of all Planet—

Second House -Dhan Bhav Of Your Horoscop—–

2)After reading this two article we say Sun in 2nd house effected our speech,face,wealth,and Family.

3)Sun is natural Melific so according to classical book sun in 2nd house is not consider good. It effect speech of native. Sun is king of all Planet so native sound like kings means in order type speech which is not pleasant in hearing.There speech may be harsh,hard,shameless,Authoritative type.There voice shows there proudness,egoness,selfishness. Apart from this there voice also have just like leadership quality due to there loudness. A afflicted sun may also indicating Stammering in Voice.

4)Face—2nd House belongs to face so native may have reddish face.Sun is natural Melific so native may have facial problem. Sun is coming with magnetic attraction so native may have attraction in Face(But don’t confusing with natural beauty of Face). A afflicted sun in 2nd House also indicating eye sight problem.

5) Wealth—Sun in 2nd indicating native may enjoying with servants and Vehicles(in classical vehicles is mentain as Quadrupeds). Sun is king and now a days king belongs to government so when a good placed sun is presence then native gain from government. Otherwise sun in 2nd indicating loss of wealth through government displeasure, loss of money through authority,loss of money through officers or other such type big Corporate. Sun is belongs to your self so presence of sun in 2nd House indicating native may earn through own effort and own hard work. So Sun don’t indicating easy money.

6)Family—Sun in 2nd don’t consider good for family. But a lot of other factored change this effect so don’t use this as a thumb rule.

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