Rahu In Second House

Rahu In Second House

1)Before knowing effect of Rahu In 2nd house first we have to know about Rahu and 2nd House so you may read this.

Accelerating Planet of Materialistic World Rahu—

Dhan Bhav Second House of Your Horoscop—-

2)Second House Genraly belongs Speech,Family,Wealth,Face,eyes and Food. Rahu belongs to natural Melific,Tamas gun,hype creator,hidden nature,explosive nature,uncertain nature,addictions,

3)Speech—-Rahu Belongs to sweet speech. So Rahu In 2nd House native have sweet speech. But Rahu also belongs to false so native is speaking false in sweet method.Rahu Belongs to rumours so native may inclined toward making rumours or hype creating.Rahu Belongs to uncertainty so native don’t steady on own speech means uncertain on own speech.So native is insincere in Speech. Some time they are very explosive in nature(Rahu is also accelerating planet so accelerate native Tempar) but Genraly they are speaking sweet. Rahu is belongs to Hiddness so native may be suspicious type or mysterious type. Genraly Rahu In 2nd House native speaking doubly meanings talks. Rahu In second native may be irritating. Rahu In 2nd Native may be good in fishing from own speech.

4)FACE & EYES—–Rahu In 2nd House indicating native may be suffering from eye problem.Rahu is shadow planet so mostly face is depanding rashi of Depositor of Rahu.Rahu is belongs to Black colour but it is giving results when rashi is enemy of Rahu. Means a enemy rashi Rahu indicating unfair colour. But don’t take this serious because rashi and there lord play important role in Face colour. Rahu is natural Melific so native may suffering from disease of mouth and face. A problem regarding face skin is also indicating.

5)Wealth—Rahu is a planet which belongs to uncertainty so native have uncertain Financial position means very up and down in financial position. Rahu In Second indicating native may earn through Government. It may be legal or illegal way of earnings through Government office. If Rahu is good in 2nd House native may be earnings a lot if not good results may be opposite. Rahu is a Planet of Maya means second house Rahu creating a Maya regarding native wealth means people may think native may be rich and wealthy but Actualy he don’t. Second house Rahu also indicating native may earn wealth through illegal way, from Forigen land, from drugs,juggling,Poison, or any other source.

6)Family and Food—Rahu is natural Melific so placement of Rahu In 2nd House not consider good for family.Rahu belongs to confusion so 2nd House Rahu indicating confusion between family members. The main cause of this confusion is Rahu nature of Hiddness or hypocrisy created by own speech. So native may have unhappy family life.
Rahu is belongs to Tamsic gun so native may inclined towards Tamsic Food. Rahu also belongs to alcoholic drinks so native may tends towards alcohol.

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