Ketu In First House

Ketu In First House

1)Before Knowing effect of Ketu in 1st house we have to Know about Ketu and 1st house. So you may also read this

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2)So after reading this two article we have know that generally first house effect our body physique, health, brain, nature and behaviour.

3)Ketu belongs to tall heights so native may be tall in heights.
4)Ketu belongs to fair colour so native may be fair in colour but same time ketu give results according to sign where he sit so body colour also depend on depositor of ketu.
5)Ketu is natural malific so it is also indicating lean and week body physique. Some time it is also indicating deform body constitutions but for this their
must be strong indication in chart. Other wise it may cause cut marks in head or face.
6)Ketu is natural malific so 1st house ketu give issue related to health. Ketu is karak of accidents and cutting type matter so 1st house ketu may indicating problem in health from accidents or from body cuts. Ketu in 1st house is also cause indicating skin problem.
7)Ketu belongs to concentrations so ketu in 1st house is indicating native may be extremely concentrated in matter. So it may also cause mental stress. So native may be suffering from hyper sensitiveness or hysteria type problem or problem which occurs due to mental stress.
8)Ketu is planet which expose inner truth so ketu in 1st house is indicating native may be explosive in nature, violent in nature, emotional with mental stress.
9)Ketu comes with idealism show off so
when ketu in 1st house native may show extremely idealism but actually they don’t in real (Due to ketu as a
shadow planet ).
10) Ketu in 1st house native may be fraudulent, eccentric, immoral in behavior.
11)Ketu belongs to Fanaticism so ketu in 1st house native may be extremely fanaticism in nature (Just like Salmankhan famous dialogue “Ek Baar
Jo Mai Nai Commitment Kar Di To Mai Apnai Aap ki Bhi Nahi suntha”).
12)Ketu in 1st house make native
unhappy, unsatisfied, ungrateful, unsocial in nature due to this fanatical behavior.
13)ketu is also Karak of spirituality so ketu in 1st house also makes native with god gifted power of spirituality. So native may be spiritual and religious. They may be doing miracle matter for world.
14)Ketu belongs to harshly and rudely behavior so native may show such type behavior.

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