Aquarius Ascendant

Aquarius Ascendant

1)When at time of birth Aquarius sign is in the eastern horizon then you belongs to Aquarius Ascendant.

2)Meaning of Aquarius Ascendant—-
1st house is Aquarius rashi and lord is Saturn. So your lagan lord is also Saturn.
2nd house is Pisces rashi and lord is Jupiter.
3rd house is Aries rashi and lord is Mars.
4th house is Tarush rashi and lord is Venus.
5th house is Gemini rashi and lord is Mercury.
6th house is Cancer rashi and lord is Moon.
7th house is Leo rashi and lord is Sun.
8th house is Virgo rashi and lord is Mercury.
9th house is Libra rashi and lord is Venus.
10th house is Scorpion rashi and lord is Mars.
11th house is Sagittarious rashi and lord is Jupiter.
12th house is Capricorn rashi and lord is Saturn.


3)Benific for Aquarius—
Venus—Venus is lord of 4th house(Kendra) and 9th house(Kona) so venus is yogkarak for Aquarius Ascendant. So it is most benific for Aquarius.

Melific for Aquarius—
Jupiter—Jupiter is lord of 11th house and 2nd house so jupiter is Melific for Aquarius.
Moon–Moon is lord of 6th house so it is Melific for Aquarius.

Mars—Mars is lord of 3rd house(Melific) and lord of 10th house(Kendradipathi Dosh—Benific) and natural enemy for Saturan so mars is Melific for Aquarius,

Neutral for Aquarius–
Sun—Sun is lord of 7th house benific due to Kendradipathi Dosh benific but sun and saturan is natural enemy for each other so it is neutral for Aquarius.

Saturn—Saturn is lagan lord and same time lord of 12th house so it is Neutral for Aquarius.

Mercury—Mercury is lord of 5th house(benific) and lord of 8th house(Melific) so it is Neutral for Aquarius.

Marak for Aquarius–
According to rule lord of 2nd house Jupiter and lord of 7th house sun is Marak for Aquarius. But Mars and Moon also play Marak role for Aquarius.

4)Body constitutions—
Aquarius native is tall in heights and looking attractive and charming. There eye is small and beautifull.

Health— Lagan Lord saturn is Ether planet and Aquarius is Airrashi so they are Genraly suffering from Vatta Dosh. Aquarius is a Sama Dosh rashi so mixed Dosh also found in Aquarius native.

5)Mentality,Behaviour and nature–
1st house Air sign and 5th house Air sign indicating Easly approach to people and 3rd Aries give power to aggressiveness in communication and 2nd speech house Pisces indicating soft speech so Aquarius native is good in friend making and enjoys a good circle of friendship. They Easly attract people through there good friendship skills.
Aquarius native have a analysts brain(1st house Aquarius karak house of brain) and Practice thinking mind(4th house Tarush) and Dual and multi tasking mentality(Gemini 5th house) so all this turn Aquarius native to behave like Philosopher.
Aquarius native have good memory because memory house is ruled by lord of memory and Mind Tarush also know for his good memory.
Tarush(4th house sign) is also a fixed sign so Aquarius is fix mined from inner mind but there showcase is different and it is just like flexible mentality.
Aquarius native Genraly very cool and friendly person but when any body disturbed him then they turn very violent (see mind and brain both Tarush and Aquarius show there dangerous inner quality).

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