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Why we matching mangalic consideration in a kundali

Before we start knowing about Mangalic consideration first we understand the logic. We are matching mangal position in kundali and said that the person is mangalic. When mars occupy flowing house in kundali then it is consider person is mangalic—–
A) 1st house— Tanu Bhav
B)2nd house— wealth house, also house regarding Speech and Family
C)4th house— Mother house, also house regarding Mental peace(mind) and Family Happiness
D)7th house— House regarding Life partner, Marrige House or in simple language sexual organ
E) 8th house — House regarding Death , also consider for bed pleasure and sexual activity and pleasure
F)12th house — Mokhsh House/Expanse house also consider a house regarding Bed pleasure.

When mars occupy above house it is consider person is mangalic. First we understand mars effect in flowing house in Genral(because alone mars nothing decided in any kundali it as assume that the following may be effect of mars).
A)Mars in 1st house—- When mars occupy 1st house than its effect person brain and person may be Agrasive in nature . Again its aspects 4th house here he may effect mind and again person may be Agrasivein mind and behaviour. Another aspects mars in 7th house it may impact on person may be increase in Tamas gun because mars is planet which produce tamasic nature my mean Agrasiveness regarding sexual activity . Last aspects in 8th house here also same effect regarding bed pleasure.
B)Mars in 2nd house—– when Mars occupy 2nd house its Genral impact on person speech.Person may be Agrasive in speech. Its aspects on 5th house again indicating regarding tempar means Agrasiveness in tempar. Another aspects is in 8th house its regarding Bed pleasure as above. Last aspects in 9th house it is also a house regarding tempar because it is 5th from 5th. So again indicating tempar nature.
C)Mars in 4th house—- When Mars occupy 4th house than effect may be from above. Its aspects on7th house similar effect as above regarding 7th house . Its another aspects on 10th house its indicating aggressiveness in social conduct from Agrasive mind. Its last aspects on 11th house it is also a house regarding which show behaviour regarding friend and society also indicating aggressiveness in society behaviour from Agrasive mind.
D)Mars in 7th house— when Mars occupy 7th house person may full of with Tamas gun .Person may behave regarding above explanation. Its aspects on 10th house than again indicating same as above . Also aspects on 1st and 2nd house written in above.
E)Mars in 8th house— Here Mars impact 8th house 11th house 2nd house and 3rd house .3rd house indicating Agrasive behaviour regarding communication through neighboring and younger . Here we also count if some evil indication regarding separation or any bad possibility.
F)12th house mars— 12th house mars indicating regarding Agrasiveness regarding bed pleasure. Its also impact 3rd and 7th house as above. 6th house aspects on mars indicating problem regarding health and separation(must note if other also indicating same thing))

So we have know relationship depand on mind compatibility to each other. If both are mangalic than a lot of chance that both are Agrasive than a lot of chance to control each other in all above matter.
That’s why we matching mangalic. But I don’t know when a lot of thing is propaganda regarding Mangalic and give a lot of fear to public.10384921_876583715698326_2565336983838943638_n

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