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The Strict Rashi–Makar(capricorn)—-Some Simple Facts


1)10th Rashi Of Natural zodiac system
2)Lord of Rashi— Saturn
3)Nakhshatra —Uttarashada last3pad, Sharavana 4pad  and Dhanishta first 2 pad
4)Back rising Rashi
11)BodyPart–The Knees
12)Mineral/ Insentient
15)Vashya–First half chatushpad and last half Jalachar
16)Place–Forest with plenty ofwater, Slums ,Uncultivated Field, Barren filed , Mines, Mountains peaks, Cliffs, swampy woods
17)Mars get excellent
18)Jupiter get Debilitation
19)None of planet have Mooltrikona rashi
20) Friend Planet— Venus  Mercury  Mars(due to excellention)
21)Neutral–Moon Jupiter(Neech bhang)
22)Enemy—Sun jupiter(Neech)
23) Behaviour– Strict ,Disciplined, Hard working, Slow working,Non-Compromising, Practical, Conservative, Good power of
negotiate, Faithful, Methodical, Reliable, Don’t like Nonsense, Reliable, Devotional, selfishness, Moody, Strict privacy Lover, Criticalnature, Reserved, strong will power
24) containing some water rashi quality also or some consider it is as watery rashi due to there
results giving closed to wateryrashi

25) Capricorn is strong in night and a tamsic rashi.

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26)हिन्दी मे पढ़ने के लिए लिंक पर क्लिक करे ।

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