Planet exact degree of Debilitation Posted

1)Sun— @ 10 degree Libra(Tula)rashi which falls under Swathi nakhshatr which is rule by planetary Fore Rahu and its deity is Vayu.
2)Moon—–@3degreeScorpio(vrischic) rashi which falls under Vishka nakhshatr which is ruled by planetary force of jupiter and its deity is Indra(lord of Agni means Fire)
3)Mars——@28 degree Cancer(karka) rashi which falls under Ashlesha nakhshatr which is ruled by planetary Fore of Mercury and its deity is Nagas
4)Mercury——@15 degree Pisces(Meen) rashi which falls under Uttara Bhadrapad nakhshatr which rules by planetary force of saturan and deity is AhirBudhyana(Meaning is Snake in Water)
5)Jupiter—- @5 degree Carpicorn(Makar)rashi which falls on Uttara ashada nakhshatr which ruled by planetary force of Sun and deity is Visvedevas
6)Venus—– @ 27degree Virgo(Kanya)rashi which falls under Chitra Nakhshatr which ruled by planetary force of Mars and deity is Tvastar
7)Saturan—[email protected] degree Mesh rashi which falls under Bharni nakhshatr which ruled by planetary force of Venus and its deity is Yama(lord of death)

Now Ur apply ur mind assume what happen if a particular planet @ particular degree(means mix character of rashi with nakhshatr and then find how comfortable particular planet to show there natural character means easy or difficulties) . U get answer why planet is neech @ particular degree.10384921_876583715698326_2565336983838943638_n

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