Method of Kundali Matching

              Kundali Matching – Part 1

In previous articles we know about why we matching horoscope.
1) Varna Matching –  1st things we match in kundali is Varn. Varn donate mental behaviour.
2) Vashy Matching – 2nd things we matching is vashy. Vashy donate physical activity regarding mind.
3) Tara Matching – 3rd things we matching Tara. Tara matching donates comfort regarding both native’s birth nakhshatra.
4) Yoni matching – 4th things we are matching is Yoni matching. It’s donate enjoyment in marrige life regarding physical satisfaction for sexual enjoyment.

5) Friendship matching of Planet – 5th  things we are matching is Grah friend ship which
donate support regarding each other.
6) Gana Matching – 6th things we are matching is Gana matching which donate mental thinking.

7) Bhukoot Matching – 7th things we are matching is Bhukoot which donate
dasha system .
8) Nadi matching – 8th things we are matching  is Nadi which donate health and birth regarding children

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